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Charlie & Celia: Guestbook

Bob Maxwell

October 6, 2015

While talking about Jim Mcgaw a friend looked up your site. He remembered you guys from the Days when he was a band director of one of you local high schools. Jim played at the Harley Hotel (Hospitality Inn) in Columbus when I worked there. I also was wondering if any of your recording are on CD. I hope that all is well.

Mickey Nichols

March 8, 2014

Hello Charlie. I hope that you are well and happy. It looks like you made a career in music. I hope that you are still making music.
Best regards!

Gary Sims

October 23, 2012

Charlie & Celia,
On a whim, I googled "Appalachian Green Parks Project" and found your site. I was wondering if any of the Frogwhompers or AGPP recordings are available in digital form.

Hope all is well with you.

Chris Manack

April 30, 2012

In 1978 I started my career in sales with Perfecto Distributing Company, a wine and beer wholesaler in Columbus, Ohio. My sales route was extensive and took in Athens, Ohio. I would park on Court Street and walk the route calling on bars and restaurants. My last stop was "Bojangles," a cool little pub and that is where I first saw The New Vinton County Frogwhompers! I will never forget seeing you guys was a sound so original and entertaining, I just had to have an album of yours. I bought your first album in a record store in the back of an ice cream shop around the corner from Bojangles. As luck would have it, not only did I get the album, but it was autographed by all 3 of you on the back. It still sounds as wonderful today as it did back then, and on the very same turntable as well! Thank you so much for giving me so many years of musical enjoyment. I have shared your music with countless friends, and they instantly became fans too. Thanks again, and God Bless!

Robert Shunk

April 28, 2012

I lived in Athens from 73-80. I would always love to see the Frogwhompers at the Irish Pub UpTown. I had an album, but is has long since vanished. I had just found a copy of the Athens Home Town Album with Jim Jewell and it got my interest going about the FrogWhompers again.
My daughter is now there and I stopped in one of the CD stores to ask about getting a CD and they had heard of them but did not have anything of theirs.
My roommate for years there (the reason I moved to Athens) started the Bagel Buggy. He and I just talked and I just for Kicks I Googled FrogWhompers and found the Album to order
What a great memory of all of them. I was sorry to see that Jim Proudy passed as he had a great voice and a gerat musician. Athens is a great city and a special place. I so much enjoy going back there and miss some of the best music in my life. Thank You so much for the memories!!!!!!!!

Joyce Zabell

March 14, 2012

Life is good in Beachwood....But it always gets better when Celia and Charlie are around! (and of course Mama Iris and the old MC, Mort)

Erin Jones

May 28, 2011

Found your site while poking around for Frogwhompers info. Jim McGaw is my uncle & my cousins and I went to several sessions when we were wee little bairns. Somewhere I may even still have a tiny deep green Frogwhompers t-shirt...ah, good times!

Sandy Azancot

December 5, 2010

LIving in Athens in the 70's, I loved to see the Frogwhompers play whenever I could. So glad to see the music released on!

Jeff Mayhugh

October 29, 2010

I was a huge Frogwhomper fan in the mid to late 70's. You guys really peaked my interest in folk and bluegrass. I'm glad to see we're all still alive. I remember arguing with Jim's wife about why he should continue with the band. You brought great joy to alot of people. Music will save the world.

gandee licklider

June 10, 2010

very nice web site!

Michael Fletcher

March 29, 2010

Seeing and listening to Celia is like time travel. You and MAB brought music into my life back in 75. God Bless you, that was a Great year. Your music is as sweet as ever. Love you still.
Charlie, no surprise you should end up with Celia. You two are fine together. I found your website because my 23 year old wanted a copy of the Frogwhompers music he grew up listening to. Sue and I still love your music. I've got two copies and it looks like they've both warped. Guess I'll have to buy a new copy. :)

Colleen Becker

October 3, 2009

Hi Celia!
I was thinking about you and Sherri and Lucy and all the "fun" we had in St. Joe 33 years ago! I can't believe it has been that long ago. It looks like you have been doing well. Do you ever hear from Sherri or Lucy? Write and let me know about you!


Tim Schaiper

March 12, 2009

After seeing you perform at BoJangles back in the late 70's, I had to learn the hammered dulcimer. Thanks for opening the doors to such a wonderful life of music. I've been playing ever since.

Phil & Carol Marko

February 7, 2009

Hi Charlie... Stumbled across your website and am glad to see your still out there tearin it up! We followed yall around for years...back in the 70's during "the good ole days" at Hocking Tech and Ohio U. I also played drums with some local bands back then. The last time we saw you was at an eatery in Lancaster. Yall signed our Creation of a Band album (which is in pristine condition... this younger generation does not appreciate the sanctity of vinyl). Bill Mullins signed it too and noted he wasn't even on the album. Jim Prouty noted that he was! Jim McGaw was there and sign in. Lots of fun that night! Its still quite a treasure. We have been trying to get it onto a cd and am glad to see yall have done that for us. Thanks! Old... or should I say "long time" fans. Take care. Its all about the music !!!

Gary Musselman

February 2, 2009

You guys are never far from my mind. I hope to match schedules some day soon. Ah...memories of the old days... You still have "it."

andi jensen

January 22, 2008

Hey Charlie: You will never know who excited I was to find your web site and that the Frogwhompers album is still alive and now on CD! I was at Hocking Tech 1976-78, and used to go here you guys at Sherwood Forest all the time..or any where else you guys would play. I have the old album..but wore it out from listening to it so much. Over the years, we would stop in Athens at the record stores...just hoping to find more Frogwhompers. Thanks so much for keeping the memory alive! A FAN FOR LIFE!!!!

Rob Perry

January 16, 2008

Heard you on Dr Wayne.
You have a beautiful voice.
I'm always amazed how god decides who should receive the gift of music. You would certainly be my choice.
I am ordering your CD's
Wish you all the best for the future.

Dave Boso

January 12, 2008

Bob Winters gave me your CD it's great,

timothy c phillips

October 9, 2007

the best word i can come up with from listening to you play the Harp is WOW!!!! you diffently sold me ....Celia... the best medicine my dad got while at the Hospital was your "MUSIC", me and my whole FAMILY!!! want to "Thank You" so much for having the gift to and your Husband are so Lucky to have music in your hearts to share.. Keep up the playing ( always) no matter where life takes you all.... cause you'll always feel up someones SOUL with music, like you did ME!!!!!. TIM

Pete Shapter

August 25, 2007

HEY CHARLIE !!!! Hi Celia!!!Long time no see! Just visited your site and wanted to say hello! Dont know if you remember the gig, but I have somewhere some video footage of TOG at several state park gigs back in 70's. Seems like I had a video camera hooked up to somebodys Betamax! Also have some sound 8millimeter film from Mohican State Park I believe! You probably have or had this footage. Also have some stills from same era at various gigs. [If I can find them again!] Take care and hope to see you again in the future!


Mike Watson

July 27, 2007

Hey you two, been a long time. Was surfing around and found your site. Haven't seen you since Celia's StewMac days (yeah, I'm still there). Nice to know you've stayed true to the music and are as popular as ever. --Mike


July 25, 2007

I'll miss talking to you and your taking care of my purchase orders and problems. Best of Luck

Peete Bowen

July 8, 2007

We had the great pleasure of attending the Greenparks concert last evening. A friend called and invited us and we were so glad he did. It was WONDERFUL ! ! to say the least. We could have stayed all night. Thanks for music.
Peete Bowen

ron carter

July 1, 2007

Hoping for Frog Whompers reunion Friday night

Bud Kraus

March 14, 2007

Celia and Charlie

Do you guys have any idea why you've got such an awesome web site?

You hired a designer who used web design standards to deliver a great experience for all to see and use. I ought to know as the approach used is what I teach at Pratt Institute and FIT in New York City as well as through my own training service, Joy Of Code.

So touche and kudos to who ever did the work. It represents the best way to go about making a web site.

I wish I could go to your concerts this summer but at least I pulled down some of your songs from your site. They are all now safely in my iPod.

I wish you guys all the best and whatever you do, do it in love.


Nancy Wimmer

February 24, 2007

We saw you at the Ohio State Fair in 1975 and my daughter tried to get on to the stage with you...she loved the Froggy Went A-Courtin' song! She is 35 now. Where have the years gone? Glad to hear you're on cd now...I still have (and love) your album.

Terri Nicholson

February 19, 2007

Hi Celia and Charlie,

Been thinking about you lately. Hope you're well and happy



Lynn Graham

February 18, 2007

Enjoy seeing the both of you concert. Glad to see Greenparks being revived.


December 14, 2006

I am transported back to skiffles I promoted in college in 1965-66. The Mastertone I sold to someone who could play it, whereas I could not. Great to see the music lives. Will be out to see you in the spring.

Jack Linscott

November 5, 2006

Saw Appalachian Green Parks Project back in 1973. Bought the Lp. Still have it and still listen to it when I can. I was from Morgan County and attended OU for a couple of ssummers in the Upward Bound project. Your music contributed to my influence such that I learned to play Bluegrass bass, learned banjoe (not bluegrass) a little fiddle and guiter. Still do it in a praise band in church. Thanks. Glad to see you re still around. Jack--Smithfield VA

Dan Hudson

June 16, 2006

Congraduations! Great website and 2 fabulous
CDs. Great music from 2 really nice people. I enjoy the friendship of these 2 talented people.
Playing their music in your vehicle is just like having them along with you. What a treat!

Alan Speaker

February 9, 2006

It is so nice to meet you Celia and Charlie. I work in Philadelphia and have had small conversations with Celia for awhile. I order from Diagnostic Hybrids and speak to all of the "girls" there. Thank you for the music and I hope to meet you someday, gorilla suit or not.

Karen Morgan

December 29, 2005

Your music soothes my sole and makes me happy.

Sheelagh Dalziel (fka Sheelagh Dalzell)

December 25, 2005

Charlie, Bruce sent me your Holiday CD. It is marvelous!! It's been so very many years since Appalachian Green Parks... it is great to catch up on old friends. Take care and God bless!

Nicole Kahmann

December 15, 2005

Enjoyed your music clips!

Khrysso Heart LeFey

November 14, 2005

How wonderful finally to meet you yesterday, after having been a fan for so long--the Frogwhompers album brought so much pleasure to my friends and me back in my college days, and as you know, your music has lingered in some of my deepest places.

Charlie, I have to say that I'd forgotten how much I like your voice. What a treat to hear you sing live! I think you must be one of my favorite singers, when all is said and done. And the chance to frolic harmonically with Celia... well, life just doesn't get much better than that. I love women's voices in the low registers, and you, Celia, light up those profound corners...

Mendicant hippie bum that I am, I live a charmed life nonetheless, and our time together yesterday was among those transcendent blessings I can scarce contain. When I sang "Amazing Grace" with you, the grace of our intersection was chief among them... the bigness of my singing was my exhilaration trying to break loose...

Thank you for being you, and for doing what you do. It was a genuinely remarkable day in my life.

Iris Greene

September 27, 2005

This was an education. Didn't know any of this history about you. Good luck in all you future endeavors.

Kathy and James Masters

September 12, 2005

Hi Guys,
My coworker from the party contacted me today. She saw you at the party and wants a copy of the CD-she's from out of town so I am selling her my extra!!!!! I'll need another! Kathy

Ernie Cornell

August 27, 2005

I am so very happy for the two of you. You are an inspiration to all musicians young and not so young. Your love of music is what allows the area to continue loving instrumental music as a real class in our public schools and music as a way of life. I wish you both the best and let me know if I can ever do anything to help.

Pam Milligan

August 26, 2005

Hi Celia & Charlie,
You two did an excellent job on your website.
Congrats on your CD...
Keep up the fame for the A Town & all around.

Pam M

Rita Hysell

August 26, 2005

Congratulations on your CD! It is marvelous. I will be there again tonight. Looking forward to seeing you again. I am passing the word.

Barry H. Bennett

August 26, 2005

Hi :) Congrats on your CD and website! Very nice website by the way. Want a new career in web design? I need one for my company... hehehe. I'll try and make it to one of your live shows, if you would pleeassseee top scheduling them on days I can't come it would be a bit easier :)
See you soon? Barry

Mimi Epstein Testen

August 23, 2005

Hi Guys - LOVE the text, layout and photos! I'll get a $15 check into the mail ASAP - so save a CD for moi!
LOVE to you ALL and keep up the WONDERFUL and exciting FAME!! I am in awe! See you soon?

Beth Dishong

August 23, 2005

Celia and Charlie,
It is absolutely wonderful. Congratulations on your CD.

Kathy and James Masters

August 21, 2005

The CD is terrific and we've really enjoyed the sessions at Tuscano's! We've followed you guys for years--and it is new and refreshing as always!! See you soon!

Tim Norris

August 20, 2005

I love your site...but can't wait to love your cd! let me know how the cd release party goes in Erie. See you next Friday night. :o)