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Charlie & Celia: Photos

Green Parks Reunion 2007
Jimmy and his Bodhran in a recent photo
In 1976, there was a new band in town.
Charlie & Celia with Green Parks - rare photo from 1975
Celia playing the hammered dulcimer
Charlie takes aim at Johnny Appleseed's hat
By 1977 we were a hit!!!
In the studio recording the first album in 1977
Our image was used to promote shows on WOUB Radio
Which led to appearances on Hocking Valley Bluegrass.
Jim McGaw
Jim Prouty
Charlie Lewis
National coverage came from Bluegrass Unlimited
Together again in 2007
Charlie, 1995
Celia, 1995
Celia's Favorite photo . . .
Celia in the orchestra
At a local restaurant, outside on the patio
In the studio
Back in the 1990's