Welcome to the Charlie & Celia Website.

You can find a bit of our history here.  You can also find out what we are involved in now as well as what is coming up in the future. You'll find information about groups and performances we've been involved in, both together and separately, in the past, such as the Appalachian Green Parks Project, The Mighty Fine Reformulated All-Purpose Family Band and the Frogwhompers. You'll also find information about Long Road, a band that operates out of the Cleveland area that we are currently a part of, in addition to our own performances. We hope to update content, including some historical (hysterical?) video/photos/recordings from our past. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Update, 7.19.2021: It's been a difficult couple of years, and we've been away from the public, dealing with health issues. Looking forward to healing, and engaging again in some music. Check our upcoming events for a few events coming up in 2021. Hoping you are well and keeping safe.

Charlie Lewis and Celia Hollander Lewis