How many irons in the fire?

We always try to remain busy or at least as busy as we can with our music. In addition to appearing regularly as Charlie & Celia, we are also a part of Long Road, a Cleveland based 6 member band that focuses on the folk music sound.  As David Budin, the founder and leader of the group puts it, "We make old songs new and old new songs sound old."  The music itself might come from any genre or period, but is performed in a style that you might have heard had you gone to a folk club in the '60's.

On occasion, we also appear with Lewis Pride which is composed primarily of members of Charlie's family that is more central Ohio based.  Charlie's brother Wid is the leader of this effort and while we cannot make every performance with the group, we do join them when possible.

Then there is the occasional performance Celia makes with the Ohio University Symphony Orchestra as a guest Harpist and both of us have full time jobs on top of that.

There have been many other individual freelance work both of us have done on projects scoring films, audio projects or theatrical productions in the past, and no doubt there will be more.

So when do we have time to do all this?  We sometimes wonder the same thing.  Somehow, we always make time.  Someone once told me  that if you want to get something done, get the busiest person you know to agree to do it.  Apparently this is true.

We plan to remain busy on all fronts and hopefully will be appearing somewhere close to you in the near future.

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