It's been too long . . .

What’s that? Summer 2007???? Okay, it has been a while since we posted any “news”. It actually surprises me to see this as we have clearly been very busy---busy with everything except updating our news page. Last Summer saw many things, including the long awaited reunion of the Frogwhompers. The Green Parks album that was sold in the 1970’s was released on CD for the first time with some dandy previously unreleased bonus tracks featuring the 1976 touring group. The more or less complete Frogwhompers recorded material was released in an “unboxed” set featuring over 50 cuts. I believe both of theses items are currently out of stock everywhere, but I’m sure they will soon return and will send out a notice as well as posting it here when I get confirmation on this. This Summer is starting to shape up and includes participation in Folk concerts at Cain Park in Cleveland and the possibility for another later in the Summer or Fall in the Zanesville area. As this develops, we will let you know on the details. We continue to appear around the region and are beginning to take a serious look at finally beginning to record a new CD - - thanks to all of you that have been requesting it. Watch this space. I’ll do my best to post current news in this spot as it unfolds. In the meantime, check out our Upcoming Events page to see what we are up to at any given moment. Charlie

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