Through sweet melodies and lush, full arrangements, Charlie and Celia's new CD Snapshot is the type of music that one might hear on NPR's Mountain Stage. I have no doubt their music will find it's way there at some point. Between the myriad of string instruments (dulcimer, harp, banjo, guitar) and the full, satisfying vocal arrangements, this CD will give pleasure to anyone looking for a kind of down-home comfort.” - Diana Hamilton
You are an inspiration to all musicians young and not so young. Your love of music is what allows the area to continue loving instrumental music as a real class in our public schools and music as a way of life.” - Ernie Cornell
. . . look for a duo called Charlie and Celia Lewis. They have a repertoire of comic, sad and traditional songs and so many instruments as to boggle your mind. You'll hear Charlie's beautiful tenor and Celia's contralto, blending in Celtic songs and story songs from all over this country. They'll have you laughing and crying as you hang around, reluctant to move on.” - Lucile Jennings - Athens Area Arts Alliance

— The Athens Messenger

The Lewises hail from Athens, Ohio, and are well known in folk music circles. In addition to a terrific voice, Celia has a smile that could easily light up the stage all by itself. It's very obvious that she truly enjoys what she's doing. Which means, of course, that the audience does, as well.” - Kelly Ferjutz

— Cool Cleveland

RE: The Frogwhompers . . . . . let me say that I think you played a key role as a bridge between traditional music and the rock generation, and have helped to preserve and popularize bluegrass.” - Jim Koch

— Fans of the Frogwhompers

Celia’s voice is a gift from God. Beautiful; magical” - Tim M.

— Fans of Long Road

Your group gets more thrilling to see and hear each time I'm able to be in your audience. Charlie and Celia have made the absolute perfect addition. The group’s musicianship is awesome – so tight, so creative, so much fun to hear. And your voices – the blended voices make your harmonies absolutely amazing. Seriously. You are a wonder. Peace to each of you. And, thank you!” - Linda G.

— Fans of Long Road